Close to nature forestry aims to create continuous, diverse and resilent forests, where all generation of trees grow together irregularly mixed as in primary forests. Close to nature forestry applies holistic ecosystem approach.

Maintenance of ecosystems
Regardless of how the society may wish to utilise the forest, the survivability and interrelationship between all life forms within the forest ecosystem provides the foundation for all the other forest functions.
Soil protection and climate
Structurally complex and uneven-aged forests are more resilient against weather extremes, and silmultaneously, small scale interventions in forests limit water run-off, better protect soil against erosion and create more favourable environment for diverse life.
Timber production
For sustainability in its broadest sense, continuing and local wood production is also necessary in appropriate quality, optimized quantity, and integrated with maintenance of protective and cultural ecosystem services.
Recreation and aesthetics
Recreation, aestehetic and spiritual values of forests may help in increasingly technical world to maintain a balance important for all of us. Pro Silva recognises the increasing importance of the forest for physical and mental health, especially in densely populated countries in Europe.
Respecting and utilizing the natural processes in forests